international studentsAs you head down the exciting path of pursuing international education it’s inevitable that you will ask yourself many questions. Truth is being a student presents its own challenges. And if that’s not enough to scare you studying in a foreign country is a whole new ball game. Here are just a few different examples.

  • Culture Shock – Learning to deal with the different culture , beliefs, and traditions of a foreign country can bring about emotional and physical discomfort to anyone that hasn’t left their own native land.
  • Languages – A common experience of studying in a different country is where students don’t speak the native tongue find it difficult to understand what is being taught which can also lead to difficulty in making friends.
  • Homesick – Having to move to a different country away from your family and friends is always a difficult challenge for any international student. The worst part is spending a lot of thinking time about their folks back home which can cause major emotional distress which can impact your academic results.

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